There is a long path between raw cotton and the final product shipment. The use of the best raw materials by the company ADA FIOS, the only European manufacturer of hydrophilic gauze, along with ADATEC’s state-of-the-art technology, allows ADA to focus its full potential on the production of swabs with recognized quality and certified by the competent external bodies.


The selection and preparation of raw materials is at the base of any vertical production process, allowing full control of product quality. Raw cotton must be carefully selected taking into account the specificity and characteristics of the final product and the demanding conditions of its technical operations.


A processing unit equipped with state-of-the-art Open End spinning technology, ensuring the production of cotton yarn according to the technical specifications required in the subsequent industrial phase.


Weaving is totally dedicated to the production of gauze fabrics with warp and weft yarns.
Significant investments have recently been made in equipment that is technologically prepared for the manufacture of gauze fabrics in larger rolls, aiming more ecological responsibility and less waste.


In this industrial department, gauze fabric is subjected to a washing and finishing process that provides it characteristics adjusted to its intended purpose and according to the specifications of Standard 14079. Bleaching and finishing are undoubtedly the crucial phase of the entire production cycle of gauze rolls.


In ADA, a producer of medical devices, after receiving the industrial rolls of fabric, they are cut into smaller rolls suitable for the production of swabs of different sizes and number of layers.
Our motto is Serving to Care. Thus, we manufacture 6 million swabs per day, tailored to the specific needs of each client.


We are able to supply sterile and non-sterile swabs, in hydrophilic gauze fabric and nonwoven fabric. Sterile swabs are packaged in mixed PA/PP and paper packages, by thermoforming machines. Non-sterile swabs are packaged in plastic or paper bags. In different dimensions and units number, packages can be simple or double, for improved safety.


After packaging swabs in suitable packages, the product is sterilized with saturated wet steam at 134 ° C, in order to eliminate existing microorganisms.
The sterilization process is duly validated, every year according to ISO 17665.


Quality control is inherent to all phases of the production process through a continuous production monitoring by qualified technicians. We also have our own laboratories, capable of carrying out autonomously all the necessary physicochemical and microbiological tests. This strict control allows us to ensure a supply of quality products to our clients.


We ship millions of swabs worldwide daily. Currently, the ADA Group is the only European group with Vertical Dominance regarding all phases of the processing cycle of gauze fabrics.
We supply the national and European market with swabs, bandages, diapers and underpads for incontinent adults, offering the market high quality solutions.

The Company

"We work and develop methodologies that are sustained by strong quality concepts"

With over 40 years of competitiveness, the company Albino Dias de Andrade, S.A. produces and sells medical devices, namely compresses of gauze fabric and non-woven fabric, bandages and incontinence products for adults, offering the market high-quality solutions.
With this evolutionary spirit, we work and develop methodologies sustained by strong quality concepts and based on the standards ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.


United by a common daily effort to improve, we have the essential collaboration of experienced professionals, highly trained and committed to the high quality control standards of our products.
This commitment and quality is intensified by using state-of-the-art, highly specialized technology.

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