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30 August, 2017

The driving force of any industrial unit is to honour its goals and production standards, but ADA values the cross-sectional, the fair and the orderly.

We intend to reach our goals and define our targets by using a sustainable logic, we intend to serve without compromising, and for all this, we have developed a proper policy in which we aim at setting our company’s carbon footprint by exercising a strict control over waste and energy consumption. Our goal is to supply devices by impacting positively and in a way that may “re-educate” the industry in regard to all values that keep up with the production line.

In-between and behind a product are long roots that share a strict path with our liability in regard to the environment and to the planet.

The scheduled technological renovation will allow to decrease energy consumption per Kg of produced gauze, therefore accomplishing one of our key goals: make our gauze more eco-friendly.

In 2017, we intend to strengthen our bonds with the environment and make the company stand out. Note that, when choosing ADA, you are choosing environmental awareness, where the motto “easy is not always right” reflects our daily struggle.