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26 March, 2017

Albino Dias de Andrade, S.A. is an integral part to a group of companies of the textile industry which focus on the production and trade of Medical Devices (woven and nonwoven gauze swabs, bandages, adult diapers and underpads for adult incontinence).

Well-established in Portugal since 1975, and renowned in the national and international market by its high quality levels, the ADA Group is formed by Albino Dias de Andrade, S.A., ADA FIOS, S.A. and ADATEC.

With due right and relevance, these companies are under the designation of Vertical Activity Business Group, which is very rare in this sector and, subsequently, gives us key advantages at the competitive level.

There goes a long way from raw cotton to the final product, and the functional mastery and harmony, combined with the inter-relational potential during this process clearly differentiates us and promotes us in the demanding markets of our sector. ADA FIOS uses the best raw materials in gauze production and ADATEC develops the most advanced technologies, providing ADA with the opportunity of focusing its full potential in producing swabs with renowned quality, certified by relevant external agencies, and therefore ensuring the group’s sustainable growth.

The competitive and robust spirit passed on by the mother company grants the group with market leadership in the field of medical device development and production.