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23 July, 2020

On 21/06, ADA FIOS, part of ADA Group and European leader in the production of medical gauze through a careful and exclusively designed production process, suffered a violent fire.

It is true that moments like this are real challenges and attacks on the spirit and dynamism of ADA team, but it is also true that our precious workers do not give up, and together we are committed to reborn from the ashes.



On July 20, ADA joined hands with Belgium-based and world-renowned technology provider PICANOL to acquire 112 new units of the most modern range of airjet machinery available on the market!

The modern OmiPlus-i airjet machines, presented at ITMA in June 2019, together with ADA’s long experience, will make it possible to obtain more perfect surgical gauze than ever before, together with a lower level of energy consumption – a fact which, once again, honours ADA’s civic commitment to environmental conservation.

In fact, ADA FIOS gauze will be the best ever!

Luis Andrade, CEO of ADA GROUP, stresses:

“It is a pride to rebuild the company, with the PICANOL stamp. I am convinced that this will be a fruitful business relationship, and I am clearly happy to recognize the good business partners that surround us. PICANOL and ADA are together in a maxim of `Let’s grow together.’ ”



Despite the terrible situation, ADA chooses to demarcate this moment with a statement, which has more than ever been proven:

We are quality and excellence, the fruit of serious and committed work, of a team that we value and esteem. Our employees are an obvious pride and their sense of responsibility and commitment to the causes of ADA Group makes us feel as a family. Thank you for not giving up!