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22 January, 2019

What if the cotton of our gauze came from the moon??

It seems impossible, but we are potentially closer to this idea germinate!

The results of the recent space mission that landed a probe on the hidden side of the Moon on January 3 were publicized, announcing that among other seeds sent to the moon, the cotton seed was the only one able to germinate.

The seeds were placed in a kind of spatial “greenhouse”, a container capable of maintaining the temperature between one and 30 degrees, allowing the entrance of natural light, water and nutrients.

Although it has germinated, the cotton plant did not survive the beginning of the lunar night, which lasts 14 Earth days and whose temperature reaches 170 degrees negative. During the day temperatures on the lunar surface can exceed 100 degrees Celsius!

Research into the growth of plants on the lunar surface continues, already with new lunar missions planned.