Urinary incontinence, why taboo?

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5 July, 2019

Incontinence, a word that sounds like an obstacle, a nightmare to millions of people around the world. According to statistics, about 10% of the world’s population suffers from this problem, including 600,000 Portuguese, 33% women and 16% men.

Problem? Let’s demystify and understand incontinence.

Synonymous of Involuntary Urine Loss, incontinence is the effect of weakness and damage of the muscles of the urethra that can derive from causes such as childbirth, trauma, hormonal changes and even aging. This phenomenon can manifest itself in children, adults and the elderly and women are the main victims of this “bogeyman.”

We have all heard scant reports of people suffering from incontinence, from the elderly avoiding family life because they fear the reaction of others to the smell of urine or because they are unintentionally “wet”, women who abstain from social life. It can lead to other problems such as loss of self-esteem, deterioration of the quality of life and even depression.


But does it always have to be this way?

It is important that people understand and especially accept incontinence. I would say that this is the first step to healing because it exists. This cure has to be at the generic level, beyond the cure of involuntary loss of urine, discontent, shame, fear of what others may think, healing at a sentimental level, healing as a social being.


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